The responsibilities assigned to the Ministry as per Gazette No. 5 Vol 33 of June, 2000 are as follows:

Agricultural extension services other than those under Lagos State Agricultural Development Project.

Special Agricultural Scheme

Agricultural Estate Development

Graduate and School Leavers Scheme

Agricultural Input Credit Scheme

Accelerated Vegetable Production Programme

Accelerated Fish Production Programme

Farm Mechnisation and Tractor Hiring Services

Irrigation and drainage

Horticulture and Landscaping

Produce inspection & pest control

Livestock & Feed Quality Control


Artisan Fisheries Development

Inland Fisheries Development & Management

Veterinary Services

Abattoir Lairage & Meat Production

Organisation & Supervision of Cooperative Societies

Agricultural Insurance Scheme


Preservation of Wildlife

Botanical & Zoological Gardens

Cooperative Societies and Farmers Union

Warehouses Cold room & Storage Depots

Agro Service Centre

Supervision of the following parastatals & Sub-parastatals:-

Lagos State Agricultural Development Project

Agricultural Land Holding Authority

Agricultural Engineering Company

Agricultural Training Institute

Araga Site (Headquarters)

Livestock Training Institute, Agege

Fisheries Training Institute, Yovoyan

Lagos State Agric. Input Supply Authority

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