Past Commissioners

OLUSANYA ABISOLA RUTH Ms. — Honourable Commissioner

Ms. Bisola Olusanya is a tenacious and result-oriented professional with almost 10 years of professional experience in leadership roles in Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain management – executing strategies towards Food security, SME inclusion, growth and profitability within a sustainable ecosystem. She is a leader with participative management style and proficiency in establishing and managing entire operations with key focus on a sustainable organizational culture.

Ms. Olusanya attended St. Margaret Nursery & Primary school (Ikorodu) and obtained her First Leaving Certificate in 1994, and then proceeded to Queen’s College, Yaba- Lagos for her secondary education where she finished in 2000. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Lagos (2006) and an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School (2011), Ms. Olusanya is well-tuned to global management practices

Ms. Olusanya joined Olam International – one of the world’s largest Food and Agri Supply chain companies in 2011 under the company’s West African Management training program, where her immediate stellar performance propelled her to senior management level by end of 2014. Her work leading Sales, Marketing and Supply chain operations for one of the largest business segments in Olam (Ghana) has provided her with extensive industry and international exposure to trading which has enabled a broad global mindset as a result of working with stakeholders in Mozambique, Cameroun, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UAE, and Singapore.

Ms. Olusanya’s key skills are listed below:

  • Agility, adaptability & effective performance within fast changing and complex ecosystems
  • Distribution and New business development (Counter party Selection & risk management, negotiation)
  • Knowledge Management (coaching & mentoring)
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Business systems and process improvement

Prior to joining Olam, Ms. Olusanya had a two-year stint in the building and construction industry

Overall, Ms. Olusanya has a proven track record of diligent professionalism, hard work, being a person of integrity and committed to meeting organisational objectives with laser focus on creating and adding value.

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